About Us

Welcome to our blog: Our Garden Diary.

Unlike most 16 years olds my age living in the UK, I have a passion for horticulture. My Grandma and I share our passion together at our allotment which is just 5 minutes away meaning that we are up there most days, digging away, sowing and harvesting (but usually weeding).

Of course being 16 does have its financial limits. Unfortunately a paper round only earns you so much money and I can’t buy every packet of seeds or plant that catches my eye. I’ve found out that this isn’t such a bad thing afterall, I’ve learnt new propagation skills and learnt how a little bit of money can go far with plants.

I hope you enjoy this blog and maybe it inspires, teaches or amuses you in some way. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with updates about the good and the bad times as well as anything else I learn along the way.

Feedback is very much welcome,

Thomas Gellender & Rose Chapman



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Good for you. I learned to garden as a teenager, with my Mum, and I still love growing food and making gardens many years later. In fact I now enjoy gardening with my own kids! Have you (and your Grandma) ever tried seed swaps as a way of getting free seeds? Some are organised online, some are real meet-ups. (Bearing in mind all the safety stuff about giving out your address online/going to places – sorry, got my Mum hat on there.)

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