You Can’t Be Too Organised

photoToday has been another really productive day! I’ve learnt that you can’t be too organised in gardening. Although spring seems ages away there are actually plenty of things that can be done and if you’re not organised, before you know it you’ve missed countless opportunities and are up to your eyes in jobs you should have done. Being organised can mean that you reap the rewards of your labour before you otherwise would. For me, thats the satisfaction of being able to get young plants into the ground and watch them grow.

I came across some real gardening gold in my local poundshop today much to my surprise. I picked up some rooting gel. Don’t know how good it will be as I’ve never really bothered with any kind of hormone rooting powder, gel etc. I’ve started using dissolved Vitamin C tablets but we’ll see how successful the gel is. Can’t really complain for a pound. I also found some shallots, compressed compost & fertiliser which you add water to and it expands as well as some salvia seeds which came with some compost and a seed tray. Finally I found a seedling kit which came with a load of plant labels in all different shapes and sizes, a dibber and a widger. Not bad for £1 considering in a Garden centre it would cost considerably more.

Whilst I was out I picked up some leek seeds. I’ve never grown them before because we go the plot too late last year and because I was put off by the fact that they take up ground space for so long. However, reading a lot of people’s recent blog updates I’m a bit jealous that they’re harvesting leeks this far into the season. To make sure I’m able to harvest through autumn I bought Musselburgh. I’ve heard them mentioned alot in blog posts and youtube videos so they seem popular.

For the rest of the week I’m aiming to sow my sweet pea seeds into all of the toilet roll tubes I’ve saved over the past couple of weeks.


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