What’s Growing On My Windowsill

imageI had an idea for a new category yesterday. Seeing as all keen gardeners are so determined to start off the gardening year as early as possible, many of us who aren’t lucky enough to have our own greenhouse fill our windowsills up with a variety of early plants and sowings. I’m going to start giving you a weekly windowsill update as for me, and I’m sure for many of you, this is where all the action is happening at this time of the year.

A lot of veg growers will currently be using their windowsills to chit their early potatoes . I chitted the potatoes that I bought last week, on saturday and they’ve been sitting on my nice warm, frost-free windowsill ever since. They haven’t been sitting there alone, they have had plenty of company. The Rudbeckias that I sowed on the first of February have finally germinated and have been enjoying the rare sun that we’ve had during a break in one of the many storms. Although the other perennials that I sowed a week later have so far failed to germinate I did notice this morning that two oriental poppy seedlings have just poked their heads above the surface. They’re with some penstemon, echinacea, primula and buddleja in a 20 cell seedling tray. I have been rather naughty in that I’ve been so eager and excited for the other plants to germinate that I have had a careful rummage in the soil for any signs of life. I know its one of the worst things you can do especially because the seeds are so small and fragile, its not as though they’re super tough broad beans. Anyway, like I said, there weren’t any signs of life but now I have a few seedlings germinated I’ll be able to leave the rest alone and they should pop up any day now.

Also, after listening to Gardeners Question Time, Christine Walkden recommended Angels Fishing Rod to somebody who asked about some advice for a border. She described it so passionately that I immediately wanted it. After googling the plant I remembered I had an unused seed packet buried away somewhere. There isn’t currently any room on the window for them at the minute but I’ll be sure to make some as soon as the seeds germinate.

Apart from that I have a Heuchera cutting and a beautiful hyacinth with a big fat bud on it called Haarlem City. When that flowers the whole room is going to be filled with the scent so I can’t wait for that.

Have you managed to fill up your windows yet? What with?image 2


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