Retail Therapy


Another week and yet again, another storm!

There’s so little that I can do outside this week so I have reverted to a little retail therapy. As you may be aware I’m trying to plan for my new flower border on the plot. I want really hot colours so I found an old Gardeners World Magazine from June last year. If it was up to me I would have every colour under the sun in the border, but I’m sure with a bit of careful planning and selectiveness it will look all the better for it. I’ve chosen hot colours (probably as they’re certainly the most appealing at this time of year) so plants like rudbeckia’s, echinacea’s etc. Anything thats bright with a decent flowering season and not too needy. The main colours are red, orange and purply pink (as suggested by the magazine). I’ve sown some echinacea and rudbeckia seeds that are an orangey pink and bright yellow with darker reds respectively. Now all I need is some more colour; reds mainly. The image above is my inspiration.

I really wanted to order some plants online, see if it is worth it, do you get a lot for your money? Are the plants much healthier, more established? Going through a handful of websites the best one suited for what I was looking for was ‘crocus’. I’ve ordered three different plants: Dicentra Formosa ‘Bacchanal’ (bleeding heart), a double primrose ‘Crimson Glow’ and Knautia macedonica “mars Midget’. They’re all deep reds and flower at different times, hopefully making the new bed beautiful for most of the year rather than a few select months. Altogether, it was just over £20, not cheap for three plants but I can’t wait for them to arrive and to find out if it was worth spending the extra money.

I also popped down to the local garden centre and picked up a small bag of seedling and cutting compost. I’ve started off a few early plants that were coming up to there sow by date: Penstemon, Orchid Primrose and a Buddleja as well as some of the poppy seeds that I ordered from eBay. They’re all meant to be sown at this time of year and I made sure I kept back lots just incase the seedlings from this lot become too leggy.

Finally I bought some first early potatoes from the garden centre. Swift and Pentland Javelin. I chose swift because I’d heard the name a lot so thought it must be a popular variety and pentland javelin because you can do anything with it; bake, chip, salad, mash… I’ve never grown potatoes before so I can’t wait to get these into the ground next month. All I have to do in the mean time is chit them and wait for the seedlings to germinate. Could be waiting a while but there really isn’t much else to do yet this early in the season.

I hope everyone is staying safe in the flood affected areas of the country. I think we’ve had the worst of the weather here in the South West. We had another big storm at the weekend that was supposed to do some real damage but I haven’t heard of any more shops or large areas of cliffs falling into the sea so mustn’t have been as bad as first thought.


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