Rain, Wind And The Plot

I’m afraid there isn’t really all that much to report this week at the allotment.

As you all may be aware from the news, the weather here is the South West has been pretty awful and there hasn’t been a big enough break to actually get any proper work done. If you don’t hear from me in the next few weeks its probably because the whole of Devon has fallen into the sea. Who doesn’t love a bit of British weather!

A quick break in the wind and the rain last weekend did mean that I was able to nip up to the plot and attempt to coax a rotavator back into life that we had inherited when we took on the plot. It appeared to be in alright condition but we hadn’t had a chance to use it and had probably been sitting there unused for a year or more.


Well eventually after a few goes we got it to start and then a few more goes the thing would stay on, without cutting out. I gave it a quick whizz around one of the beds thats only sparsely filled with a bit of green manure at the minute, but it proved that it might come in very handy when we come to attacking the stinging nettle infested area in a few months. I have no idea why the previous plot holders felt the need to buy one, the plot is only really a half size one and the bottom part has been left to overgrow with nettles for what appears to be years. The beds themselves are pretty small, although I recently started making them bigger, so its hard to see the logic in buying such an expensive piece of equipment. Maybe they hired it and never gave it back? I’m certainly not complaining!!!

The only other thing that has happened in the last week is that I made my first sowing of 2014. I had a little box of Rudbeckia which came with some soil and a small seed tray (the kind that you can get from the poundshop). I’d had it sitting there on the bookcase for nearly 2 years. With the new bed that I’m hoping to make at the allotment, the bright yellow flowers should go really well with the Echinacea seeds that I bought a few weeks ago from eBay. Now that I’ve finally found a decent sized, out of the way windowsill with enough light and warmth I think I might sow the Danish Flag Poppy seeds. It’s a tad early but the climate here is (usually) a bit more ahead than the rest of the UK so I’m sure it won’t matter. After all the room itself is warm enough.

I can’t see myself being able to go up to the plot and do anything constructive next week as there’s a few more storms forecast so I might do another top 5 post for the new 2014 seeds. My Thompson & Morgan top 5 was quite popular.


10 thoughts on “Rain, Wind And The Plot

  1. Rotavators always make me nervous. The previous tenant of our plot used one and it has resulted in terrible problems with couch grass. It dispersed all the roots in tiny pieces and it’s still a problem more than eight years later.
    Glad you avoided the worst flooding.

  2. You’ve probably been told this a few times already but the best way to get rid of weeds from a neglected plot is the old fashioned way with a spade.Doing a bit at a time to take care of your back. But make sure you get out all of the little bits of root that you find if you don’t they will come back again. Using a rotavator sounds like a good idea and may take all the back ache out of the job, you are storing up trouble for yourself in the long run. A rotavator does an excellent job of chopping up the root’s and dispersing them all over the place.beware also if you have mares tail if you do and you chop that up then you’ll have it for life. But having said all that I wish you the best of luck with your plans for this reason. Cheers

    • I agree, I’m really lucky in that I don’t have a weed problem. I’m hoping to use the rotavator to turn the soil and save a bit of time doing it. I don’t have any weeds as I dug any out last year by hand so I don’t expect it to cut up any roots

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