Summer 2013: Eden Project


Yes, yes, you’re probably sick to death of hearing posts that start off about the weather. It’s a real pain I know, but at this time of year, it’s difficult to find other things to talk about. This weekend has been MISERABLE! The weather actually wasn’t all that bad on Saturday but unfortunately I was stuck inside working. Today its been raining and the wind is awful; cold and strong. You really can’t do anything outside because the ground is so wet and heavy.


(The pond was inspiring and very tempting considering the hot August sun)IMG_1861

I was starting to feel a little depressed and in need of some sun so was flicking through some photos of summer last year. I came across the trip we took to the Eden Project in Cornwall. The Eden Project is a very popular destination especially here in the South West of England. The complex itself is famous for its two huge domes that are accompanied by smaller ones. Inside of these are a huge variety of plants from all over the world, from different types of climates. The whole place is built on an old quarry.

(We must have arrived at the perfect time for dahlias which were just stunning!)


The first, larger dome emulates a tropical environment whilst the second is a Mediterranean one. Since it’s opening in 2001 the vast outside area has become more and more established every time I have been. When I went last year in late August, I found the outside to be as impressive as the inside of the domes themselves. Everywhere was breathtaking and made you want to go home and copy it all in your own garden. One of the many great things about it, especially the outside area, was that there were lots of different areas to it that were relatable to how you garden and your own environment. There were plants and ideas that could be copied and put into practice in a courtyard garden, an allotment, a traditional kitchen garden. Hidden areas, areas where scent was dominant, places which were dedicated to pond life be it traditional or modern. All of this was inspiring and would make anyone passionate.


(This was the allotment area which had plants growing from all over the world. It was much bigger and longer than what can be seen in the picture)

If you’re not able to visit or would love to go, google street view is available around the whole site. It is from 2009, so looks a little different but still very inspiring!

(This beautiful plant was in the tropical biome as well as hundreds of butterflies)



(Both the sunflower and the plant right (I’ve forgotten the name) were found in the mediterranean section which smelt and felt just as though I was in Italy or the South of France.)


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