Thompson & Morgan Top 5 Plants for 2014

Last week I ordered lots of seed catalogues from different companies and in the last couple of day’s they’ve started coming through the letterbox. I wrote in a previous blog post where I plan to get most of my seeds from this year but I’m using the catalogues as inspiration for new ideas.

The first catalogue that came through the post was the Thompson & Morgan Spring Catalogue 2014. Here are a few of my favourite plants and ones that I’m most excited about and keen to grow:

  1. TomTato – This incredibly exciting new plant is, as it’s name suggests, both a tomato and potato plant. Apparently the concept has been worked on for over 15 years. I know that if you leave the flowers on a potato plant to go to seed they will form what appears to be a few small tomatoes but these are poisonous. This plant however is “grafted by hand to create this unique double cropping feature”. It must be possible due to the fact that both tomatoes and potatoes are members of the same family. I can see this being perfect for someone with limited space like a patio._70126537_tv019434091
  2. Sweet Pea ‘Bounce Mixed’ – As you might have gathered from my last two posts, I’m very eager to grow lots of sweet peas this year. A new variety that I found from Thompson & Morgan is special as it does not need supports. Unlike traditional varieties of Sweet Peas that need supports this one will grow horizontally and form a “…scented sweet pea carpet”. Perfect for those who can’t be doing with all the faff of tying them into supports. This variety is to replace ‘Snoopea’; something I haven’t grown but would be interested to know if you have!8843116150814
  3.  Runner Bean ‘Moonlight’ – I have never had a problem with runner beans setting but if you have experienced this problem your prayers are supposedly answered with this variety. Not only does it set in any weather it has “the characteristics of French beans with those of runner beans”. Also the white flowers look beautifully delicate; I’d grow this variety just for them.original
  4. Sweet Potato ‘Carolina Ruby’ – I am a big fan of sweet potatoes and much prefer them to an ordinary jacket potato. I’ve never tried growing them myself especially as it seemed that they were a bit hit and miss if not given the perfect growing conditions (I may be wrong). This new variety is to replace ‘Georgia Jet’ and has “shown improved vigour” so I am certainly tempted! Also the leaves of these plants are very attractive and are often found in ready-planted hanging baskets.carolinaruby
  5. Nasturtium ‘Fruit Salad’ – I love nasturtiums, they’re easy to grow, edible, keep pests away from crops and will grow anywhere. This plant is a compact variety and is “the first bicolour nasturtium with serrated petals”. Not only would it look great around the edge of my beds at the allotment but also a few of its flowers in a mid-summer salad!Plant of the week: Nasturtium 'Fruit Salad'

Well these are my top 5 plants from the new Thompson & Morgan catalogue. I’ll update you on my favourites from others as I receive them. I hope this has given you some inspiration and I would be interested to know which seed/plant company is your favourite and if you have ordered anything special or unusual so far this year.


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